Define Your Why

The Golden Circle – Start With Why

The golden circle defines the different entities or stages of your business model and how your audience relates to your vision or message. The keynote talks about how we are inspired to follow those who lead because we want to not because we are forced to.

This video was very inspiring and really tells us why some brands stand out and have become the success that it has become today because consumers understand their vision. Think of a company, small business or brand that you have been following. What inspires you about them? A great example are companies like Apple who clearly tell you why they do what they do.

Lets start off by watching the video from this powerful keynote.


How does this relate to your business?

As a business you start off by focusing on what the benefits of your product or solutions which is from the outside in. The next step focuses on how you do what you do. The one often overlooked step is why you do what you do. What inspires you and motivates you to do what you do. Influence is impacted through inspiration.

When I first got into business I knew that I had a passion for what I did but my overall why factor came down to three core purposes. The first being I enjoy what I do which is why I got into this in the first place. The second is I love to help people and consult with business owners. The third is I enjoy being a content authority and resource to my followers and network.

While the how and what determines how I built my brand the one other entity I have been focusing on is the WHERE!

The fourth circle?

I think when you have mastered the first three circles of this golden circle theory, there is the next stage which is where are you going. Every business has a journey whether its growth or an exit plan. The growth cycle is a direction and at some point of your business journey the path becomes more clear.

So its Important to focus on your why factor before you move on to anything elseā€¦ Whats your why factor?