Reciprocation can be an extremely powerful trigger to influence audience behaviour. Its the feeling of obligation for people to reciprocate when they’ve been given something of high value that is important to them. Reciprocation when used in marketing is more effective when you understand the values of your market. Once you understand these values you can provide reciprocal triggers or ‘free gifts’ that increase the likelihood of the return reciprocation from that person to be transactional. These gifts need to be of a high value to your audience. The higher the value, the more that feeling of obligation will be present and they will want to do something in return. It needs to be that good, that it triggers a thought of “wow if i get this for free, what do i get if i actually pay?”

Pricing & Providing Value

You will generally notice your target audience will all contain common values. There will be general values and individual values and theres going to be patterns. The more you understand the values of your market the more you understand their problems. The more you understand their problems the more you understand the cost of those problems and the impact of those problems. When you start to add all these things up you start to realise the value of your solution.

Most people who struggle with pricing, dont understand value proposition. The more you understand about whats happening around your market, the easier it is to understand your value proposition. Value proposition isn’t about how do i charge for what i have. It’s about – How much do you understand about the values of your market? Once you understand this, it’s not only easier for you price, but position. To me, pricing should always come last, it’s always about positioning. When you have a strong value proposition that is linked to a strong brand is most cases pricing becomes irrelevant. Pricing is only relevant when there isn’t a strong value proposition. Where people begin to question what they’re getting for their money. If the value of your solution is in line with the cost of the problem then to me, its not about price, its about value. And if those two numbers align, its a no brainer!?

The mission is really being able to communicate in a way where people actually believe you. How do we do that?

  • We build a brand – How do you build a brand? by
  • Establishing Market Trust – How do you establish market trust?
  • Publish Content on a regular basis that is actually really helpful without people actually having to transact with you.
  • Stop selling, and focus on giving value constantly without any expectation of return.

Money is a natural consequence of delivering value

When you produce a high level of valuable content on your social media platform, and your website. It becomes very obvious to a customer that you deliver a high amount of value. They no longer question value! they trust that the value is there because you’ve built that trust through brand equity.

If you can’t demonstrate value through your social media presence then people will question value.