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  • Facebook is the 3rd most visited website of all websites
  • The facebook mobile app is the 5th most used app
  • 2.91B monthly active users globally
  • 1.32B active on desktop daily and 1.57B active on mobile
  • 17M active australians on facebook
  • 70% of the total australian population is an active facebook user. This is HUGE
  • In 2015 Facebook influenced 52% of consumers online and offline purchases. Up from 36% in 2014
  • 51% of facebook users are more likely to buy the products from brands they follow online
  • Visual content on facebook is more than 40 times more likely to get shared than other types of content
  • There 65M active small business pages on Facebook. Only 4M of those businesses pay for advertising.

Scheduling Posts

  • Start creating your post at the top of your Page’s timeline
  • Click  next to Publish and select Schedule
  • Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish
  • Click Schedule 
To reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post:
  • Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  • Click Scheduled Posts in the left column
  • Click the post you want to edit
  • Click Edit to edit the post, or click  to choose to publish, reschedule or delete it


In the Scheduled Posts page, you can select previous videos that you have already posted by selecting Video Library on the left. Then at the top of the page select ‘actions’. Select “create post with this video”.  What this does is very similar to ‘re-sharing’ an old post except the page does not display is as a share. You also keep the videos amount of ‘views’. So if your video had 400 views the last time you posted it – This time when you post it, the video starts with 400 views and gains more views on top of  your existing views.

Advanced Sales Funnel

Step 1 – Head to Canva & design a nice video thumbnails we can use for the videos coming up.

Step 2 – Create a landing page on your website for people to head to from the campaign where they can sign up or give details.

Step 3 – Select 5-10 videos and sort in logical order. I’d recommend your first video to be something that more of a introductory type video. Then progress to videos that demonstrate your understanding of the market, like the impact/cost of the problem, proving your knowledge and results. Then a video giving away a valuable free e-book on the issue your solving. Finally followed by a promotional offer to encourage the sale.

Step 4 – Head to Facebook Ads Manager. Start a new Campaign & Select ‘Video Views’. Create seperate ads for each video.

You will need to create a few different audiences for this.
Audience 1 – General reach (visiters to your website, visiters to your page, people who have messaged you) and select “in the previous 5 days” or whatever you wish.
Audience 2 – People who watched the first video
Audience 3 – People who watched the second video
& so on.

Create an another audience called “People who watched video one”
Set this so that anyone who watches your first video for more then 3 or 5 seconds, enters this audience.

So the overall finished Campaign will be
– Anyone who visited the website or facebook page in the last 5 days is shown video 1
– Anyone who watched that first video, will be delivered the 2nd video
– Anyone who watched the 2nd video, will be delivered the 3rd video.