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  • Instagram is Australia’s second most-used social media platform.
  • The fastest growing place to build brand love and brand awareness.
  • If you use more than 11 hashtags on a post, then you are going to have 79% more interactions.

How to grow your business on Instagram

  1. Make sure your Bio reflects your business and your PF pic is eye-catching
  2. Post unique pictures and make sure to use related hashtags to optimize the post engagement.
  3. Post consistently
  4. Post stories and go live to make your audience feel more conected to your business
  5. Track you analytics and make sure you use the data information to your advantage
  6. Offer ‘followers only promotions’


  • Google ‘top #hastags’ for your industry
  • identify 60 directly or closely related #hashtags
  • immediately post the first 30 hashtags in comments – delete them after 30m-2hr
  • then post the next 30 hashtags – delete after 30m-2hr
  • engage with your audience and get them off Instagram using a link in your bio
  • The Mayfair filter has the highest interaction of any filter on Instagram