Subscription & Payment Gateways

Every business these days will generally offer many forms of payment gateways other then just cash & eftpos. Here are our top recommended gateways for you to check out and decide which ones work best for you.


We’ve all heard of paypal and likely used it ourselves when purchasing items or services online. But how we do we set it up for our business and what benefits does it provide?

First of all you will need to create a Paypal Business account. Offering paypal as a form of payment online is a very safe option. Its easy to set up, and everybody feels safe using it. I would go as far as to say your crazy if you dont offer it.
PayPal will take a small percentage of the transaction but for the added security of your customers, and a stress free checkout experience I think its well worth it.


Stripe offers an online credit card payment system which is able to be integrated into most CRM & E-commerce software. It will automatically handle the credit card transactions, and deposit the money into your account within a matter of days. You can even install the ‘Paynow” app on your mobile phone and accept credit cards with your phone to avoid needing an Eftpos machine.