Setting up your website

Customising your website

  • Down the left side of your admin area, locate the option that says appearance.
  • Once you hover over it, you will see the option to select themes. This will display all themes you have currently installed to your WordPress. You can add new additional themes by select ‘add new’ at the top of the page.

WordPress provides you with a huge range of different themes to choose from. Which can all be installed through that area. However one of the best benefits of using wordpress is that there is a massive range of additional features and plugins you can add to it. If you google wordpress themes there is tonnes of them available elsewhere. However some themes you do have to pay for, but there are many great free themes available.


Adding Pages

  • Select Pages from the left hand menu
    Inside this area you can add, modify and remove pages from your website
  • Once you select or create a page – in the centre of your page you will see a big white box. This is where you type all the content you wish to display on that page.
  • You can also add all sorts of media to the page, like images and video by selecting the ‘Add Media’ button just above



  • select plugins from the left hand menu
  • if you select installed plugins this will display all the current plugins you have installed to your website. You can activate, deactivate and delete plugins from this page.
  • At the top of the page you will see Add New. This will take you to a page that will give you tonnes of plugins to choose from. Popular used plugins, as well as recommended plugins. You can even google for WordPress plugins and upload them by selecting upload plugin at the top of the page.

It’s important to note that because WordPress is open source. Anybody can make a plugin for it. There is a lot of plugins that can harm your website. Plugins can also contain what are referred to as bugs. We recommend you only install plugins from trusted developers, check how frequently they are updated, as well as reviews, number of downloads and ratings. There is plugins for virtually anything you wish to do with WordPress, from integrating with other software to adding all sorts of features to your website.

With your package you may have plugins already installed to your website. You are free to add, modify and remove plugins as you wish but we can not be responsible if you install malicious plugins to your website.


Adding users

  • Select Users from the left hand menu.

You may have many employees in your business and wish to add multiple users to your login to your website. You can even all use the same login if you wish. Its important you set a secure login username and password to prevent unwanted access to your website.


SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption is automatically installed to every WordPress setup on Launch Hub for free. This may take a couple of hours to install itself, so we recommend you worry about it after you have finished building your site.

Follow the below instructions to enable SSL.

  • Select Settings from the left hand menu
  • Change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to https instead of http
  • This will automatically log you out of your website, and you will have to log back in again.
  • To check you have done it correctly – every time you go to your website from now on, you should notice it changes the URL in the top of your browser to https and should say Secure.